Sunday, August 17, 2014

I love Cheetos® almost as much as Lyra

Hi. I'm Oliver. And that's my cousin Lyra. She really likes Cheetos®. Especially the big puffy kind of Cheetos®. She would do anything for Cheetos®. Cheetos® turn Lyra into a little Cheeto-eating robot. I'm not a little Cheeto-eating robot so I guess I don't like Cheetos® as much as Lyra. But I like them a lot.

That video was taken at my first dad's birthday party. It was really fun because I got to go to the party and didn't have to stay home while everyone got to go to a party. Still, I don't see what the big deal is about birthday parties. People just sit around and talk and eat. And I end up following my mom around – just like I do at home. 

I followed my mom a lot. I followed and sniffed Lyra a lot too because she's little and easy to sniff. And she's really funny. When I sniff her she calls out "No, Ollie. No!" But it's so dang cute that it's hard to take her seriously. So I kept sniffing her. Until my mom stepped in and made me stop. I would stop too if Lyra got mad enough to cry. That would just be "mean sniffing" if I made little Lyra cry.

I wish I could be around more people Lyra's size. It makes me feel really big when I can jump up on someone and my arms reach his/her shoulders. But that doesn't happen too often. So I really take advantage of my time with Lyra. 

I really like Lyra. I like Lyra even though she didn't share her Cheetos® with me. I didn't even get a sniff. Not even when I walked towards her while she crammed Cheetos® into her mouth and got a big orange ring on her face. Nope. All I got was another, "No, Ollie. No!" But it was really cute, so I just let it go. I'm nice like that.

Well, my mom's getting ready to take some trash outside so I better bark at her and follow her out to the trash can. There's no fooling this guy about going outside. I know how you humans like to sneak out and leave. And no one's leaving on my watch. Unless you give me some Cheetos®. I'd turn the other way for a Cheeto.

The end.


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