Monday, November 7, 2016

Yay me!

That's me. E. C. D.

Hi. I'm Oliver. And I'm super excited because I just got a big promotion at Haberman. Yep, I'm the new self-proclaimed ECD. 

Executive. Creative. Director. 

That's the person who leads all the creative at the agency. It also means I'm my mom's boss. My mom's boss' boss, actually. But she's cool about stuff like that. And I can get treats in exchange for doling out cool projects to work on. 

"You wanna work on that TV assignment? I need 4 bully sticks!" This is going to be awesome! Yay me!

With a big title also comes a lot of responsibility, though. Like I really need to get to meetings on time. To not fall asleep during meetings. To not scratch on the door and leave meetings during meetings. And to not scratch on the door to get back into those meetings. Dang, that's a pretty big ask for a curious little guy like me. But I'm up for it. And I'm going to do a great job.

More importantly, I still have my bed here so I'm assuming I can take a nap or two if I really need to. I'm a dog so I think people will understand if I get tired sometimes. Dogs are supposed to get at least 18 hours of sleep a day so a nap is totally fair.

My first project is for Stella and Chewy's raw dog food. Working on this is so fun because I get to taste all the foods and treats. (So far, I like the rabbit flavor best.) I invited the junior team to the tasting too but they declined. I eat their food, but they won't try mine. WTF? It's a little irritating, but they're young and squeamish. I get it. And they do give me a lot of good belly scratches so I'll cut 'em some slack. 

Well, I'm off to a brainstorm so I better go. Can't be late to my meeting! I'll try to post again soon and let you know how this all goes. 

The end.


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